Custom assay development

  • Assay types

    • Biochemical
    • Cellular
    • Enzyme activity
    • Biological fluids
  • Platforms

    • Alpha technologies
      • AlphaScreen®
      • AlphaLISA®
    • Other homogenous technologies
      • TR-FRET
      • BRET
      • Luminescence

Target classes

  • Epigenetic enzymes
    • Writers
    • Readers
    • Erasers
    Kinases & Phosphatases
  • Biomarkers
    • Extracellular
    • Intracellular
      • Post-translational modifications
  • Protein interactions
    • Peptide
    • Protein
    • DNA
  • GPCRs

Versatility means many possible assay configurations.
The key to successful screens is a robust, relevant and well-designed assay configuration.
Biopra will help you design the best assay from day one.
Great assay design is an investment that pays, not only through better leads, but directly by reducing screening costs and rework.

No assay is too challenging.

Industry & Biotech aimed drug discovery via HTS

Finding tomorrow’s drugs is a long term goal. The endeavour is exciting, yet challenging. Starting on solid ground is essential. Alpha technologies from PerkinElmer bring many advantages for HTS screening.
Homogenous: No wash steps, easy to automate, reduced artifacts.
Sensitive: Detects lower level of analyte, requires low sample volume.
Versatile: Applicable to biomarkers detection, kinase assays, GPCR signalling, enzymatic assays including epigenetics, all in a biochemical or cellular environment.

Academia for biological discovery and chemical probe development

Alpha technologies are proven for drug discovery efforts. Alpha are so versatile, yet so simple, and countless publications describe research applications. Biopra provides assistance in helping you design your first assays, as well as in team training. Our customer-oriented, knowledge sharing approach translates into rapidly application of these cutting-edge technologies in your lab. Thus faster results and faster publication.


The Biopra lean service approach is simple: direct and constant interaction directly with the scientists that work on the assay. Biopra provides a customized and detailed proposal including scope, costs and timelines. Upon approval, starts an iterative assay development process involving constant interactions and tight knowledge-sharing, scientist to scientist. Biopra is responsive, results-oriented and flexible. Our end goals are assays that will meet or exceed your needs. More so, our phase-gated approach means tailored projects, whether it is a proof of feasibility or a fully optimized and screen-ready assay. All results and data are yours. And our detailed report will enable you to quickly implement the new assay.

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