Recent scientific publications

Integrated cell-based platform to study EGFR activation and transactivation
Caruso, M.-E., Clément, P., Parent, S., Dupriez, V., Bossé, R., and Rouleau, N.
(2013) Assay Drug Dev. Technol. 11, 423–434.
Aβ1-15/16 as a potential diagnostic marker in neurodegenerative diseases
Nutu, M., Bourgeois, P., Zetterberg, H., Portelius, E., Andreasson, U., Parent, S., Lipari, F., Hall, S., Constantinescu, R., Hansson, O., et al.
(2013) Neuromolecular Med. 15, 169–179.
Soluble amyloid precursor protein α and β in CSF in Alzheimer’s disease
Brinkmalm, G., Brinkmalm, A., Bourgeois, P., Persson, R., Hansson, O., Portelius, E., Mercken, M., Andreasson, U., Parent, S., Lipari, F., et al.
(2013) Brain Res. 1513, 117–126.
Development of homogeneous nonradioactive methyltransferase and demethylase assays targeting histone H3 lysine 4
Gauthier, N., Caron, M., Pedro, L., Arcand, M., Blouin, J., Labonté, A., Normand, C., Paquet, V., Rodenbrock, A., Roy, M., Rouleau, N., et al.
(2012) J. Biomol. Screen. 17, 49–58.
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Ligand binding assays in the 21st Century laboratory: platforms
Spriggs, F. P., Zhong, Z. D., Safavi,  A., Jani, D., Dontha, N., Kant, A., Ly, J., Brilando, L., Österlund, K., Rouleau, N., Fischer, S.K., Boissonneault, M., and Ray, C.
(2012) AAPS J. 14, 113–118.
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Catalytic specificity of human protein tyrosine kinases revealed by Peptide substrate profiling
Blouin, J., Roby, P., Arcand, M., Beaudet, L. and Lipari, F.
(2011) Curr. Chem. Genomics 5, 115–121.
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Single-well monitoring of protein-protein interaction and phosphorylation-dephosphorylation events
Arcand, M., Roby, P., Bossé, R., Lipari, F., Padrós, J., Beaudet, L., Marcil, A. and Dahan, S.
(2010) Biochemistry 49, 3213–3215.
AlphaScreen-based characterization of the bifunctional kinase/RNase IRE1alpha: a novel and atypical drug target
Bouchecareilh, M., Caruso, M.-E., Roby, P., Parent, S., Rouleau, N., Taouji, S., Pluquet, O., Bossé, R., Moenner, M. and Chevet, E.
(2010) J. Biomol. Screen. 15, 406–417.
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Highly sensitive assays for SUMOylation and small ubiquitin-like modifier-dependent protein-protein interactions
Rouleau, N., Wang, J., Karras, L., Andrews, E., Bielefeld-Sevigny, M. and Chen, Y.
(2008)  Anal. Biochem. 375, 364–366. 
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The use of AlphaScreen technology in HTS: current status
Eglen, R. M., Reisine, T., Roby, P., Rouleau, N., Illy, C., Bossé, R. and Bielefeld, M.
(2008) Curr. Chem. Genomics 1, 2–10.
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